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T-shirts for the 2.0

Ever have a moment when the whole universe pivoted and you found yourself looking at things from a completely different point of view? Did it make you question your beliefs and the nature of reality? That can be an experience that makes you realise that there are many ways of looking at things in this world, probably as many as there are people. Hopefully, it also makes you realise that there should be room for many different interpretations of reality, because each one adds a piece to the human puzzle. Each way of looking at a thing has a meaning that helps us understand the thing as a whole and helps us understand the experience of that thing. Even unpopular, "dark side," or cynical views hold human meaning within them.

Human Being 2.0 is not an evolution, it's a revolution. It's not genetics, it's an effort of understanding.

Our t-shirts try to promote the understanding of multiple points of view through humour and contrast; and even by bringing a few outrageous points of view to the forefront. Actually, we try to express ourselves oddly and often through our flags because a) we love making shirts! b) we think it promotes understanding, even for people we tend to cast off and marginalize and c) it gives us a chance to support the things that change the world for the better while making a bit of coin.

And what supports diversity and information flow better than podcasts? Our first project was to make shirts for The Linux Link Tech Show, a podcast about open source software and technology. Silver Eclipse will continue to endorse and support podcasts, Open Source, Linux and tech community efforts as part of its ethos. We also did the shirts for the supporters, security and staff of the 2011 Indiana Linux Fest (big thanks to Lord Drachenblut for an awesome festival).If you fall into this category, definitely contact us for your t-shirt needs.

Silver Eclipse uses Ubuntu, Slackermedia and Crunchbang Linux, Inkscape, The GIMP, OpenOffice, GnuCash, and HP Printers running from a Dell and a Toshiba for its design work. We are open source at work.

Custom jobs are available. Contact us for details.


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